Design Ideas For Retaining Wall Landscaping

One idea that is new to a lot of people is retaining wall landscaping. For those who don't know, retaining walls are meant to be permanent features that help hold back slopes and help keep landscaping in check. These walls can be found all around the world, both in private residences and public buildings. In this article, I am going to explain retaining wall landscaping and give you an idea of how this could add some beauty and personality to your yard. Here's what you need to know:

One of the best things about retaining walls is that they are such a great way to maintain curb appeal and keep an eye on the grass in your yard. This concept is especially unique since it requires regular landscape maintenance, which is not always something you can do in every single yard. However, with the new edge of shadow effects, this landscaping idea really makes those good small pockets of shady areas look amazing. Click here for more info.

The basic concept behind retaining wall landscaping is that you are going to start out with a fairly large perimeter of the lawn around your house or business. You then divide that into smaller areas with smaller concrete planter boxes where you will plant various flower beds, shrubs, and even trees. When the weather starts to get warm and dry, you simply remove the garden planter boxes and move them into the shadowed areas of your yard.

There are a number of great retaining wall ideas that can be implemented in many different yard spots. You can build a retaining wall from wood by using old stone bricks and then filling them with concrete. Or, you can build a retaining wall from concrete and using natural stone bricks that have been hollowed out and then filling them with a nice color of concrete (the darker the better). You can also select different sizes and shapes of stones. For example, if you are interested in creating a natural looking lake or pond in your yard, you might want to select large rocks or river rocks and place them in the water.

Once the basic landscaping idea is set up, you can then select various colors, textures, and materials for your landscaping. One idea that might work is to simply use different types of plants in your landscaped garden. A few of the plants you could consider using might be a nice selection of grasses and shrubs. Plants such as these are going to provide some much needed color and greenery to your outdoor area. Another idea would be to use a mixture of different types of plants as well. This idea not only provides color but also some texture to your outdoor area.

When it comes down to it, there are a number of ways that you can implement retaining walls in your yard. They are an easy way to provide some color and a few options for texture. You also have a variety of materials to choose from. A simple fence wall could easily be created with a little planning and thought put into the project. Read more here.

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